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Evaluating Web Sites: Home

Why evaluate?

The web is overflowing with information and unfortunately not all of it is of good quality. We have to consider some basic questions when viewing and reading content on web sites.This five minute tutorial has some great examples and looks at how to evaluate for:

  • Authority (who is behind the information or web site)
  • Bias (is there a position being promoted or a slant to the information?)
  • Currency (is this information current or older. What does your topic require?)
  • Documentation (where is the author getting their information and are they presenting it in a manner that is true to the findings?)

TheTutorial was created by the Keith Leftwich Memorial Library at Oaklahoma City Community College.

. Questions? Contact your librarians at the AWC/NAU-Yuma library and we'll be happy to assist you.

Subject Guide

Tina Sibley